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Artist Bio

StephenShugartNov12Stephen Shugart is an artist, writer, educator, designer, and chief artist of shugART Studio, LLC.
He is also the principal consultant and owner of ecurriculumconsulting.com, engaged, in artistic tutoring and mentoring in creative writing, visual art and general creativity for all ages. Portfolio consultation and development for MFA applicants. Artistic Statements. Professional development consultation in creative careers, vocations and avocations. Overcoming blocks.

999 Vallejo, Unit C, Denver, CO 80204.

303-525- 9324

Stephen is a native of Denver and grew up in Littleton. He is an artist working in many mediums and genres.

TourelleMoonsetIn his light work, he explores and applies the aesthetic discoveries and theories of American master artist James Turrell with innovative, funhouse twists on his ideas, turning them upside down with touches of humor in order to make this sometimes esoteric work more accessible, smaller in scale and common place

In his paintings, he is fascinated by cars, skiing, the Colorado landscape, clouds and sky and the interface/tension in the modern west between nature and civilization and the resultant surreal landscapes real…and imagined.

Stephen is also a published short story writer, book reviewer, produced playwright, editor and educator. His short story collection, Dark Matter: Stories, published by Outskirts Press, is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He has also published short stories in Paraspheres, Colorado Review, Madison Review, Aim and other literary magazines and anthologies. MeinStudio 3-29-13 at 7.14 PM #2

He is a produced and published playwright and has been a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Film Project twice. He has taught creative writing, composition and critical thinking at the University of Colorado at Denver, Colorado State University, Metro State College(University), Community College of Denver, Westwood Online. He has been a Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Metropolitan State College of Denver and has also worked as an instructional design consultant for higher education online programs around the country, including Harvard, Bismarck State College, St. Josephs Executive MBA, Naropa, University of Colorado, Denver, CSU Global and others.


Summary of Qualifications: Skilled and inventive visual artist, photographer, author, playwright, craftsman, inventor and educator. Experienced communications professional. Highly-rated educator/trainer with diverse experience in not only in artistic disciplines, but also in instructional design, copy writing, editing, technical writing, college teaching, corporate/academic training and facilitation.

Strengths: First-rate collaborator working with clients, customers, teams, and SMEs. Creative conceptualization. Instructional and curriculum design based on intimate, hands-on understanding of classroom experience, diverse learning styles, and learner-based androgogy. Able to work with learners and design courses for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds—from Masters level courses to remedial, face-to-face and online.

Skills and Abilities:

Fine Art:
Artistic illumination and light constructions (sculpture).
Painting, Oils, Acrylic, Multi-media, representational, abstract, multi-media
Murals, Public Art proposals
Photography Still and Video


Copy for online training courses.
White papers and newsletter articles on instructional design, best practices and issues in online education.
Tutorials on instructional design, online teaching strategies, and the eCollege system.
Freelance business web site copywriting and editing.
Published fiction writer and produced playwright.

Instructional Design:

Designed online courses and learning objects for Harvard Business School, St. Joseph’s University, Bismarck State College, Montana State University, University of North Dakota, Delmar Publishing, Oregon Virtual Schools, Kaplan, Professional Career Development Institute, Exxon.

Designed and performed audits focusing on instructional design quality and best practices, in instructor-led online classes for clients around the country.·

Advised professors and instructors on instructional design and how to translate face-to-face courses into the online environment via online courses and face-to-face trainings.


Creative Writing and English composition courses at University of Colorado-Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Colorado State University, Community College of Denver.

English composition, technical writing and gender communications for Westwood Online.

How to use the eCollege LMS and apply best practices in online teaching (face-to-face and online) at institutions of higher learning, nationwide. (Can teach or develop courses in most major LMSs).·

One-on-one writing coaching, editing, mentoring – fiction and nonfiction, artist statements, actualizing creative careers; M.F.A. portfolios.

Artist-in-the-Schools for Colorado Council on the Arts. 6 Residencies.

Teaching Artist for Aesthetic Education Institute, Young Audiences


M.F.A., Creative Writing, Colorado State University
M.A., English, Colorado State University
B.A., Urban Studies, College of Wooster

Professional Organizations: National Association of Independent Artists, eLearning Guild, Associated Writing Programs. Pen USA. Theater Communications Group. Academy of American Poets. Colorado Dramatists. Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Presentations, Publications, Performances, Exhibitions


2017 Shugart, Stephen. Light Studies. (Photographs). Untitled. (Oil painting). “Changes,” (Group Exhibition). Edge Gallery. June 2- July 2, Denver, CO.

2016 Shugart, Stephen. Landscape Viewing Device. (Sculpture). “Atypical Topographies,” National Juried Exhibition. Sept 26 –Oct 26. Cloyde Snook Gallery, Adams State University. Alamosa, CO

2016 Shugart, Stephen. Patterns of Consciousness. (Installation of light works/sculptures). Edge Gallery. June 23 –July 17, Denver, CO

2016 Shugart, Stephen. Somewhere Near Taos. Ice Breaker 7, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO, Jan 7-30. Juror: Ivar Zeile

2015 Shugart, Stephen. Robert Woods Meets James Turrell. Pirate Gallery, Denver, Co. 2nd Juried Exhibition. Nov 13-30. Juror: Nora Burnett Abrams

2015 Shugart, Stephen. Somewhere Near Taos. After Dark IV, Greg Moon Gallery, Taos, NM, June 6 – June 20.

2015 Shugart, Stephen. Art Students League of Denver Summer Art Market. June 13-14

2015 Shugart, Stephen. Modern Camping. Installation. Edge Gallery, Denver. March 23-April 30

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Dreaming of the Sublime. Mural. 2556 15th St, Denver, CO December.

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Incite/Insight Exhibition Robert Woods Meets James Turrell. Lincoln Center Art Gallery, Ft Collins, CO November 21, 2014 – January 3, 2015.

2014 Shugart, Stephen, One Square Foot Fundraising Exhibition. Sibling Rivalry. Multimedia painting. Redline Art Gallery, Denver, CO October 27.

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Artocade The Tourelle, Phase 1 . Trinidad, Ft Collins, CO Sept 12 -14

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Incite/Insight Exhibition Pink Trailer, Pink House, Como CO. Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO July 30 – Aug 24,

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Bobby MaGee Lopez and volunteers, Edge Gallery Mural. 3658 Navajo St Denver, CO Funded in part by the Denver Urban Arts Fund. June

2014 Shugart, Stephen. Art Students League of Denver, CO Summmer Art Market. June

2014 Shugart, Stephen, Transformation and Reinvention. Edge Art Gallery, Denver, CO March 28 – April 20.

2013 Shugart, Stephen. Art Students League of Denver, CO Summmer Art Market. June


2009 Shugart, Stephen. Dark Matter: Stories. Short Story Collection Parker: Outskirts Press, 2009. (Dec. 15)

2006 Shugart, Stephen. “Making Faces.” Short Story. Paraspheres An Anthology of Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Short Fiction. San Francisco: Omnidawn Press, 2006.

1996 Shugart, Stephen. “Heavy Weather (a fugue).” Short Story Madison Review 18.1 Spring 1996: 57-74.

1994 Shugart, Stephen. “Watching the Neighbors.” Short Story New Voices: An Anthology of New Writing. Ft. Collins: Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing.

1994 Shugart, Stephen. “The Inheritance.” Short Story The Dry Creek Review Spring: 92 – 101.

1994 Shugart Stephen. “Trespassing.” Short Story AIM Quarterly (America’s Intercultural Magazine) 21.1: 16-17.

1992 Shugart, Stephen. “Fence.” Short Story Dry Creek Review. Spring: 75-81.

1989 Shugart, Stephen. “Watching the Neighbors.” Short Story Madison Review. 11.1 : 113-122.

1987 Shugart, Stephen. “Measuring Up.” Short Story Colorado Review. NS 14.1: 44-49.


1998 Shugart, Stephen. Cerulean. One Act Play Collages and Bricolages. #11 (1998): 93-104.

1997 Shugart, Stephen. Measuring Up and Cerulean One Act Plays Produced at Changing Scene Theater. Denver, CO. February 13 – March 16. Reviewed in Denver Post, 3/7/97.

1997 Shugart, Stephen. Deep Space One Act Play Selected and Produced for SummerPlay XI, An Annual Festival of New Work. Changing Scene Theater, Denver, CO August 14-31. Reviewed in Denver Post, 8/22/97; Boulder Camera 8/28/97

1996 Shugart, Stephen. Cerulean. Staged Reading of one act play at the Little Theater. Front Range Community College. Westminster, CO. July 2.

1992 Shugart, Stephen. “Ta Naohixik Airshow.” Script for multi-media art installation project by Patty Ortiz. Boulder Arts Center, Boulder, CO. February. Funded by National Endowment for the Arts Inter-Arts Program and the Rockefeller Foundation with additional funding from Apache Corporation.

1982 Shugart, Stephen and Shirley Bender. “TU-BE” Full Length Play Performed at Changing Scene Theater, Denver, CO. Sponsored by a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Reviewed 10/16, Rocky Mountain News.


2010 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading. Stories, Stories. Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO. April 27

2010 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading and Book Launch. Dark Matter: Stories. Michelangelo’s. Denver. March 19.

2006 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading. City Lights Bookstore. San Francisco, CA. September 28.

2006 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading. Rebound Bookstore. San Rafael, CA. October 1.

1997 Shugart, Stephen and Tony Park. Fiction Reading Bas Bleu Theater. Fort Collins, CO. February 10.

1996 Shugart, Stephen and Sandra Doe. Fiction and Poetry Reading Toads in the Garden Poetry Series. The Daily Grind Coffee House. Denver, CO. October 31.

1995 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading Metropolitan State College of Denver English Department Faculty Colloquium. Denver, CO. September 26.

1995 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction and Poetry Reading Toads in the Garden Poetry Series. The Daily Grind Coffee House. Denver, CO. June 29.

1995 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading Stanley British Primary School. Denver, CO. April 26.

1994 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading Metropolitan State College of Denver English Department Faculty Colloquium. Denver, CO. February 22.

1993 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading Aesthetic Education Institute of Colorado Teaching Artist Performances. The Space Theater. Denver Center for Performing Arts. June 24.

1987 Shugart, Stephen. Fiction Reading Creative Writing Graduate Student and Faculty Reading Series. Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO.

Book Reviews

2002 Shugart, Stephen. At the Jim Bridger by Ron Carlson. Picador. Book Review. In: Bloomsbury Review 22.4 (July/August 2002): 5.

1997 Shugart, Stephen. The Hotel Eden by Ron Carlson. Norton. Book Review In: Bloomsbury Review 17.3 (May/June 1998): 17.

1994 Shugart, Stephen. A Brief History of Male Nudes In America by Dianne Nelson. U of Georgia P. Book Review In: Bloomsbury Review 14.3: 9.

1991 Shugart, Stephen. When We Talk About Raymond Carver Ed. Sam Halpert. Peregrine Smith. And Conversations with Raymond Carver. Eds. Marshal Bruce Gentry and William Stull. UP of Mississippi. Book Review In: Bloomsbury Review 11.7: 17.

Conference Papers & Presentations

2002 Shugart, Stephen and John Safto. “Defining the Discipline: Teaching Business Online.” Presentation. Center for Internet Technology in Education (CiTE) Annual Conference. Denver, CO April 10-12.

2002 Shugart, Stephen. “Developing and Managing Online Education Programs.” Presentation. Production Operations Management Society (POMS) Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA April 5- 8.

2001 Shugart, Stephen. “Pedagogy Forum.” Moderator. Center for Internet Technology in Education (CiTE) Annual Conference. Denver, CO March 14-16.

2001 Shugart, Stephen and Elizabeth Conner. “Teaching Comparative Management & IHRM: Online Delivery Demonstration, and Best Practices.” Presentation. Faculty Development in International Human Resources Management Seminars, June 4-8. University of Colorado at Denver.

2000 Shugart, Stephen and John F. Brennan. “Teaching MBA Courses Online by the Case Method: Using the Harvard Business Publishing Course Module Managing Innovation.” Presentation. Online Learning 2000 Conference. Denver, CO September 25 – 27.

2000 Shugart, Stephen. “Breaking the Fourth Wall: Creative Video Strategies for the Online Instructor” Presentation. Teaching with Technology Conference. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. July 12 –14.

2000 Shugart, Stephen, Kathryn Winograd and Errin Klein “Whispers from the Net: Balancing the Role of Facilitator and Confidante Online.” Presentation. Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Annual Conference. St. Louis, Missouri March 31, 2000.

2000 Shugart, Stephen. “Workshopping Short Fiction Online.” Paper. Accepted for the 2000 Pedagogy Handbook for the Pedagogy Forum at Associated Writing Programs (AWP) 2000 Annual Conference. St. Louis, Missouri March 31, 2000.

1997 Shugart, Stephen. “Black Sheep” Paper. Accepted for the 1997 Pedagogy Handbook Pedagogy Forum at Associated Writing Programs (AWP) 1997 Annual Conference. Washington, D.C. April 2, 1997.

1996 Shugart, Stephen. “Drama Exercise” Paper accepted for the 1996 Pedagogy Handbook and presentation at the Pedagogy Forum at Associated Writing Programs (AWP) 1996 Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia. April 27, 1996.

Honors and Awards

2004 Finalist. Short Story. Moondance International Film Festival Competion. Boulder, CO
1999 Semi-finalist. Chesterfield Film Company Writer’s Film Project, Los Angeles, CA.
1998 Honorable Mention. New Millenium Writings National Writing Contest, Knoxville, TN.
1998 Semi-finalist. Chesterfield Film Company Writer’s Film Project, Los Angeles, CA.
1993 Semi-finalist. Heekin Group Foundation Novel in Progress Fellowship, Sisters, OR.
1986 Honorable Mention. Creative Arts Symposium, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.

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